What is Edition.ly?

Well, it’s like your grandpa’s art book catalogue, just online and (soon) open to everyone.

For a long time Phil and I struggled to find good art books - not because there are none, but because it is insanely hard to find them! The art book universe is just too diverse and decentralised for the average art book fan, to navigate it easily.  You end up sticking to the things you know, not discovering new corners of this endlessly fascinating universe.

To solve this we are building Editionly. It’s a place where publishers and artists can present their books in a reliable and beautiful way and then directly link to their own websites, shops or crowdfunding campaigns.
Editionly is a place to discover. A place where you can find every imaginable book, no matter if there are still copies to buy or not. A single place for every art book ever published.

Everyone will be allowed to add books. You don’t even need to be a publisher or an artist. Maybe you once bought a copy of a fascinating book and you want to help other people to discover it. Editionly is the place for that. But don’t worry! Publishers and artists have instant access to their work and can delete or change their book entries the way they want to.

In the end the whole platform serves one single purpose: to promote wonderful art books and celebrate their creators.


Editionly is not finished yet. Remember the early days of Instagram? Well for us Editionly feels kind of like this at the moment. But instead of working on features behind your back here is what is coming in the next weeks:

  1. Keywords, Genre, Categories - to personalise the discovery process
  2. Dedicated pages to find all the books of an artist or publisher
  3. Accounts for everyone to upload books - publisher, artists and their fans. Until this is ready just email us and we edit everything you want to see differently
  4. More information about the books: Contributors, reviews, awards and interviews on the book page 
  5. Search bar
  6. Follow functionality, to get updates about favourite publishers and artists
  7. Basic analytics - how many people click on your book? What do they search for?
Thanks for reading this!
Now have fun discovering some art books!

Ramin and Phil
Founders of Edition.ly


Editionly is your source to discover fascinating artists' books and their creators. Whether it be illustration, photography or typography - you name it - you can find it here.