Editionly is a digital library for artists’ books. Finding a fascinating artist’s book is an exhilarating experience, but to actually find one is an exhausting endeavour that takes one through countless Facebook groups, Subreddits, blogs, newsletter, artists’ websites, art book festivals and more.

Why is there not one place where one can find every artist’s book?

This was the question that popped into our heads in 2017. As a result we started building Editionly. Every day new books will be added to it. Old and new side by side, to create a worthy source for this remarkable medium. Editionly is an open platform. Everyone can help and add his favourite books, so that others can discover them. We hope you enjoy it.

To the creators:
We all know and value the time it takes to produce an artist’s book. But no one thinks about the endless work it takes to get your creation in front of an audience. With Editionly we want to solve this problem for you. It is a tool to present your book in a beautiful way, make it easily findable and over all reach more people who are interested in artists’ books. You can create a profile and upload your books. It is completely free and easy to use.

Welcome to Editionly!

Editionly is your source to discover fascinating artists' books and their creators. Whether it be illustration, photography or typography - you name it - you can find it here.